Electric Fluxer


In accordance with the tendency to eliminate combustible gases from laboratories, the F Series represents a real technological step forward in the fusion units, as it heats up via electric induction, homogeneously, quickly and efficiently.

A highly automated unit, able to control and visualize in real time the fusion process of a sample in an absolutely independent manner. To its innovative induction heating up system, there is also a constant temperature check up and a great software work. The result is a unit that can control and modify comprehensively and at any moment the fusion process of each of the samples, in real time.

Fusion, stirring, mixing and homogenization
Geological samples, cement, minerals, slag, ceramics, oxides, glass, metals, ferroalloys, sulphides, fluorides, and alloys
Produces glass disks for X-Ray/peroxide or pyrosulphate solutions/samples for AA and ICP
50 independent editable programs
Maximum consumption
220V – 15A
Cooling system
Closed circuit with a 300 W chiller / open circuit via external feeding 1.5 LPM
Work frequency
130..160 KHz
Programmable elements
Crucible stirring system / crucible stirring angle / speed and pouring angle / revolutions system for the solutions / crucible and mold cooling down system by fan
Temperature control
400 to 1200ºC limited by software
Intuitive, with graphics. Diagnosis and settings
Platinum and zirconium crucibles, platinum molds
42 cm (high) x 35.5 cm (long) x 50 cm (wide)
Approximate weight
Electric Fluxer

The F1 Induction Fusion Unit has been especially designed to facilitate and speed up the preparation of glass disks for analysis by X-Ray , AA solutions and for ICP analysis. The purpose is to produce, accurately and quickly, beads and dissolutions with classic fluxes (Borates), as well as to undertake high quality oxidations of non-oxidized elements, using peroxides. Its performance is highly efficient both at high and at low temperatures.

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