Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IRMS)



The HS2022 is the most sensitive small radius IRMS in the world. Combining superior analytical performance with reliability, flexibility, ease of use and maintenance, the HS2022 IRMS ensures that all your scientific needs are met. Backed by over 20 years of development with a no compromise approach to its engineering integrity, Sercon provides the ultimate isotope ratio mass spectrometer. This technology is available in both continuous flow and dual inlet mode, and can be interfaced to a wide range of sample preparation devices and inlets. The HS2022 IRMS incorporates many high-level design features, including an extremely robust, linear and sensitive source, a stainless-steel flight tube, a thorium-coated filament, and high-resolution amplifiers for a large dynamic range.

120° extended geometry with an 11cm radius magnetic sector giving an effective 21cm radius dispersion and double direction focusing. Truly universal Faraday triple collectors for simultaneous collection of adjacent masses in range 28, 29, 30 - 64, 65, 66 with no adjustment of collectors or amplifiers. Additional long spur with 98.8° sector which creates a distance of 24 cm between the focal points for m/z 2 and 3. Additional single Faraday collector for m/z 3.
All stainless steel construction with metal gasket seals to ensure ultra clean internal environment. The use of an all metal analyser permits bake out of the analyser and negligible water background. True UHV using conflat flanges means no dead volumes within ion optics so eliminating contamination and memory effects.
Ion Source
High sensitivity, electron impact, plug-in design.
Programmable electromagnet, permanent magnet option
m/ m= 110 (N2) 10% valley definition.
m/ m= 40 (H2) 10% valley definition.
< 850 molecules per m/z 44 ion in CF.
< 650 molecules per m/z 44 ion in DI.
Abundance Sensitivity
< 5 ppm for N2, < 30 ppm for CO2,
< 1 ppm for H2 at 4 x10-6 mbar He in continuous-flow mode
< 3 ppm for CO2 - dual-inlet mode.
< 0.02‰ / nA at beam intensity of 2 x10-8 A for CO2
<5 ppm / nA. Stability < 0.03 ppm/nA/hour.
Sample Decay
Time for a signal of 2E-8 amps for m/z 44 to decay below 2E-10 Amps when inlet is isolated Continuous flow mode = 30 seconds
Mass analyser - truly differentially pumped by 2 x drag stage turbomolecular pumps (70 L/s) backed by a two-stage rotary pump. Ultimate vacuum of 1 x 10-9 mbar. Source pressure monitored by inverted magnetron gauge. (Nb. this configuration is essential for GC-C-IRMS applications).
Zero dead volume capillary interface to allow the use of continuous flow methods.
Data acquisition system
Data acquisition system uses state of the art highly stable and linear high frequency converters which produce integral slices with zero dead time and quantisation below the beam statistical noise floor at all signal levels.
Sercon Callisto software. Proprietary operational software for system control and data handling. Fully compatible with all versions of Windows.
Sercon System Controller. Flashover-resistant electronics with semiconductors close to ground and isolated from high voltages. Full control of ion source parameters through software and on-board microprocessors. Communication is via USB with PC system. Valve control outputs for 32 valves as standard, can be extended to 64. Four VFC channels for ion beam and other detector readbacks are installed, extendable to eight or twelve depending on system configuration.
Reference Gas
Triple-port reference gas injection system to calibrate sample peaks produced by attached continuous flow modules. Fitted with dedicated pneumatic valves and inlet manifold for 3 reference gas bottles. Reference valve array can be expanded to six or more reference gases if required.
ECS 4024 CHNS/O Analyzer

The ECS classic 4024 model is suggested in case of:

  • Low sample amount (it can be used combined with MS or another instrument, where a little amount of sample is burnt)
  • Low use of the instrument
  • Low budget available

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