Laboratory Disc Mill


For fast, loss-free and reproducible fine comminution and homogenization of samples

Sample preparation in a laboratory disc mill has been a tried and tested method for decades, especially in the fields of geology, mineralogy, metallurgy, the glass/ceramics industry, the construction materials industry, soil/plan analysis and power plants.

The laboratory disc mill enables fast, loss-free and reproducible fine comminution and homogenization of the samples.
The grinding barrels can hold sample batches of 10 – 1000 cm³ and grind and homogenize the sample material to final finenesses of up to < 40 μm*1) in a single step.

Sample preparation with a laboratory disc mill is thus the ideal prerequisite for subsequent analysis using X-ray spectrometers, regardless of whether pressed tablets or melt tablets are produced from the ground samples.

*1) The fineness achievable depends on the sample material, the grinding barrel, and the mill settings.

Laboratory disc mill
TS 1200
TS 1200-P
Dimensions (W × H× D)
770 x 1167 x 595
Motor rating
230 V, 1/N/PE, 50 Hz
We reserve the right for technical changes.
Available grinding barrels
Grinding material
Usable volume cm3
Chrome steel, 60 HRC
10 50 100 250 500 1000 cont.
Wolfram carbide
10 20 50 100 250 cont.
Zirconium oxide
100 250
50 100

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