Analytical Screening Machine



The LAVIB 300 is a horizontal screening machine with a horizontal circular screening motion to accommodate test sieves of max. diameter 300 mm. Due to the uniform movement, the material to be screened is guided over the screen in a circular motion that Is very gentle on the material. The use of the horizontal screening machine is limited to dry screening. The Horizontal Screening Machine Is Mainly Used For The classification of fibrous and platelet-like bulk materials, Such As Occur In The wood, spice, Tobacco And Plastics industries, and in grain milling and brewing. Depending on the application, the machine Offers Options for fixing the Sieve tower or mounting it To Remain Freely movable on the drive plate. In the latter case, the centrifugal forces bounce The sieves against the stop pieces, Generating additional horizontal impacts on the sieve. These additional pulses shorten the screening time and Reduce Granule jams.  The eccentric Drive for the drive plate and the ballast mass are housed in an attractively designed housing, whose high Mass ensures that the machine runs smoothly and Remains stable. The On/Off function and Screening duration settings of the maintenance-free machine Are controlled via a clearly structured and labeled keypad.

Analytical screening machine
Dimensions (W × H× D)
478 × 400 - 611 × 603 mm
70 kg
Test sieve diameter
100 – 300 mm
Number of test sieves (internal height 25 mm)
8 + cover and collection vessel
Measurement range
0.020 – 63 mm
Vibration frequency
270 rpm
Oscillation diameter
30 mm
Drive type
Geared motor
Operating voltage
230 V, 1/N/PE, 50 Hz

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