Sieve Shaker

ASM - 400


The ASM 400 is a gravity-screening machine with a predominantly vertical screening motion generated by a double unbalanced motor drive. The mechanical parts, the drive system and the control electronics are housed in a sheet steel casing, mainly made from stainless steel.

Clamping the sieve set onto the vibrating table with quick-release fasteners is a simple process, and can be performed rapidly and conveniently. The Plexiglas cover allows monitoring of the screening process.

Wet screening can be performed with the ASM 400 through the use of special accessories, such as a special lid with a spray system and a collecting vessel with a drain.

The On/Off function and screening duration settings of the maintenance-free machine are controlled via a clearly structured and labeled keypad

  ASM 400
Dimensions (W × H× D)
780 × 1405 × 630 mm
85 kg
Test sieve diameter
400 mm
Number of test sieves (internal height 60 mm)
10 + cover and collection vessel
Measurement range
0.063 – 90 mm
Vibration frequency
3000 rpm
Oscillation diameter
MAX 3 mm
Drive type
2 unbalance motors
Operating voltage
400 V, 3/N/PE, 50 Hz
Subject to technical changes

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