Sieve Shaker

ASM - 200


The  new  ASM  200  can  now  be  controlled  using  the “LabCo” app and offers the user new possibilities.

The ASM 200 is particularly appealing thanks to the following features:

Electromagnetic   drive with   three-dimension screening motion, in a vertical orientation. This motion ensures even of the screened  material on the surface of the sieve, ensures fast separation thanks to the high proportion of v screening motion.

  ASM 200
Dimensions (W × H× D)
463 × 816 × 488 mm
35 kg
Test sieve diameter
200 mm
Number of test sieves (internal height 25 mm)
11, optional 16 cover and collection vessel
Measurement range
0.020 – 25
Vibration frequency
3000 rpm
Vibration amplitude
0 – 3.2 mm
Drive type
Operating voltage
230 V, 1/N/PE, 50 – 60 Hz
Subject to technical changes
Sieve Shaker ASM - 200
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Quick-release  fasteners for  simple   sieve  t fixation
  • For transport  purposes,  the sieve  tower fixation  can removed via two quick-release  fasteners.
  • Plexiglas  cover
  • Wet/dry screening
  • For wet screening,  a cover with a nozzle  and a drip tray a drain tube are required.
  • Vibration sensor
  • For recording of vibration amplitude
  • Innovative app  control
  • Adjusting  the vibration amplitude to the preset value
    • Interval control
    • Coupling  of analytical  balances  with optional
  • RS 232 dongle
    • Display of grain size distributions  (Rosin- Rammler and linear diagram)
    • Standard  Operating  Procedures (SOP)

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